Our neighbors to the north are a gift that keeps on giving. Canada has given us Ice Hockey, Drake, Maple Syrup (I love it on pancakes! I love it on pizza!), and Justin Bieber. Harvey admits to having dreams about Maple Syrup and Justin Bieber, not sure if that’s in the same dream or separate dreams, he won’t go into detail. Well for episode 12 of Mart and the Fischbowl a new gift arrived in the form of Janey Brown.

Hailing from the Thousand Islands region in Ontario Janey Brown spent her early years in small town Canada with one thing on her mind, performing. She started off singing to her family, moved to the front porch where she belted it out for the neighborhood, then moved onto bigger stages and performed in front of the whole town. At the age of 18 she did what all aspiring performers do, they move to a big city. For the next 10 years Janey built herself up as a singer and songwriter in Toronto. She was hell bent on making it and her entire self worth and whole identity were based on being a performer.

Funny thing is, Janey felt like a fraud. Before and after performances Janey was riddled with fear and anxiety. She tried to remedy these problems with the pursuit of perfection and soon Janey began to burn out. Her immune system took a huge hit and for the better part of two years her voice was completely lost. The rug was swept out from under her whole world and she was forced to take a serious look inside and really find out who she was.

As was mentioned earlier Janey moved to the big city to pursue her singing career. This also meant that she had to grind. She worked as a yoga instructor, a fitness consultant/instructor, a meditation instructor, and many other jobs ranging from strip club waitress to a front desk administrative assistant. This period in her life came with ups, downs, fears, depression, anxieties, and every other emotion in between. But this struggle also came with a silver lining. After several years of therapy, self awareness and reflection, mindfulness and gratitude practices, Janey began to repair and strengthen herself again both physically and emotionally, becoming more whole, and soon a light began shining bright.

She felt new purpose in her life and although her dream to perform will never die a new dream also began to take shape. This dream involved fusing all of her experiences and careers together with the hopes to serve and help others. It came in the form of the FEARCE Academy and the Performance Mindset Program, and for the better part of 10 years Janey has been helping hundreds of thousands of people overcome their fears and anxieties in order to become whole and fully realize their most badass selves.

From lawyers to singers to IT consultants to professional hockey players, Janey has seen her vision shift and is now helping people from all walks of life. Her performance modules are geared toward gaining more self awareness, accepting your short-comings and down-falls, and making the proper adjustments to achieve emotional balance.

Breathing exercises, nervous system education, and ‘Herbs to help the Nerves’ are just a few of the things at the tip of the iceberg when Harvey and Dave dive in with Janey Brown. So grab your nunchucks, bundle up with a ‘Parka’ and a ‘Tuke’, and allow yourself to ‘Be Seen’ as the Spiritual Ninja from the North brings the house down with Mart and the FischBowl. Eh?

Table of Contents

Intro Banter

Who is Janey Brown? (min. 4:12)

Start of Janey’s Journey (min. 5:40)

Stage Fright Anxiety (min. 8:22)

Dealing With Fear (min. 10:20)

Self Awareness, Body, Relationship (min. 15:26)

Relax, Nothing is Under Control (min. 21:22)

Performance Mindset Program (min. 26:50)

Practicing What You Preach? (min. 30:10)

Janey’s Performance Modules (min. 36:08)

Everyone’s a Performer (min. 41:30)

Mindfulness Practices (min. 44:45)

Practice, Practice, Practice (min. 50:16)

Breeaatthheee (min. 51:33)

Sympathetic/Parasympathetic Nervous System (min. 55:53)

Best Herbs for the Nerves (min. 1:00:20)

Janey’s Diamond Series (min. 1:09:18)

Diamond Series

Home Base
Janey truly feels that her purpose in life is to Serve/Help/Heal others. She does this through Music, Movement, Meditation, and Mindset practices. All of these things are centered around Love.

First Base
‘Be Seen’ Janey has this phrase tattooed on her finger and it means that she always wants to be emotionally honest. She doesn’t want to have a front up or some kind of armour on. It is important for her to be honest with herself and how she is feeling and then choosing to be courageous.

Second Base
Janey’s systems are ever changing as she moves through life but right now she needs at least 30 minutes of meditation everyday. She reminds herself daily to ‘stay in her own lane’ and not get caught up comparing herself to others. She sets aside time each day to practice gratitude and also journaling and writing. The Three Pillars she hits on everyday are something for the body (yoga,workouts), something for the mind (meditation), and something for her emotions (singing).

Third Base
Janey’s vision is every changing and likes to view her third base as more of a carrot or something to chase after. Her third base is rooted in something that excites her. She would love to travel the world as a speaker, mental coach, and/or a performer. She plans to start an online school and would also like the write a book. At the end of the day Janey’s biggest goal is, ‘to be ok with me’